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Hire top engineering talent, outsource development, and achieve accelerated success. Our flexible solutions save time, cut costs, and ensure effortless scalability for optimal project agility.

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Starting a tech project begins with understanding your vision, goals, and specific needs. At Techype, we believe in working together and customizing our solutions to fit exactly what you need.

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Techtype quickly springs into action upon receiving your requirements, thoroughly examining every detail to create solutions that precisely align with your envisioned outcomes.

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Having understood your vision and with personalized solutions, we're ready to dive into the exciting phase of bringing your ideas to life at Techype. That's where the magic happens as we turn concepts into reality!

Transform ideas into cutting-edge software products.

HR Hassle-Free

Techype handles all HR matters. From onboarding to day-to-day employee management.

Payroll Simplified

Say goodbye to payroll complexities, allowing you to focus on strategic initiatives.

Cost-Effective Solution

Enjoy significant cost savings without investing in extensive hiring processes or payroll resources.

Transform ideas into cutting-edge software products.

User-Centric Design

Captivate audiences with visually stunning interfaces.

Strategic Collaboration

We're not just developers; we're strategic partners.

Versatile Expertise

Diverse team with expertise across technologies and domains.

Global Impact

Reach a worldwide audience with impactful software solutions.

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Reach a worldwide audience with impactful software solutions.







Client testimonials

Techtype has been a game-changer for our growing business. Their solutions effortlessly scale with our needs, saving us time and costs. We’re thrilled to have a partner that understands our journey and contributes to our success.

- Rajesh Kumar

Techtype’s cost-effective outsourcing solutions are a dream come true. Cutting down on expenses without compromising quality is like hitting the jackpot. We’re happy to have found a partner that aligns with our goals so perfectly

- Vivek Patel

Techtype’s commitment to timely delivery has us cheering! Their efficiency has allowed us to meet deadlines consistently, making our projects a real success. Here’s to a partnership that truly values and respects our time.

- Ananya Singh

Working with Techtype is a joy. Their team’s clear communication and collaborative spirit have made our projects smoother and more enjoyable. It’s refreshing to have partners who understand the importance of positivity in our work environment.

- Arjun Gupta

Techtype’s dedication beyond project delivery is genuinely heartwarming. Their reliable support and maintenance services ensure our systems run smoothly, giving us ongoing happiness. It’s a partnership that goes beyond expectations.

- Nandini Kapoor

Techtype’s efficiency is contagious, boosting happy vibes across our teams. From recruitment to scalability, they’ve made our work life so much smoother. Grateful for a partner that makes productivity feel like a joyful dance.

- Harish Sharma

Techtype has brought smiles and savings to our doorstep. Their cost-effective outsourcing solutions have allowed us to focus on what we love while keeping our budget in check. Happy faces all around!

- Meera Khanna

Collaborating with Techtype feels like a dance of ideas and innovation. Their clear communication and collaborative spirit have created a harmonious working environment. It’s a dance we’re happy to continue.

- Anjali Verma

Techtype’s dedication post-project delivery is a continuous source of happiness. Their reliable support ensures that our systems run smoothly, giving us peace of mind. It’s the kind of dedication that turns partners into friends.

- Abhishek Desai

Accelerate your idea.
Unlock unparalleled efficiency and success with Techype, your partner in streamlined hiring and seamless workforce management.

Celebrate a seamless tech journey with Techype as your dedicated partner, allowing you to concentrate on your business priorities. Initiate the collaboration by sharing your requirements, and we’ll tailor a personalized solution. Upon your approval and completion of all necessary formalities, our partnership begins, propelling your tech endeavors forward.

At Techype, transparency is our priority. We never include any hidden fees in our services. All our fees are upfront and clearly mentioned.

Absolutely! At Techype, we understand the importance of flexibility. You can customize your service package to fit your budget. We’re committed to assisting everyone within their financial means, fostering collective growth.

Certainly! We value long-term partnerships, and as a token of appreciation, Techype offers special discounts and exclusive offers for extended collaborations with our valued clients.

Absolutely. At Techype, we prioritize the confidentiality of every client’s project. We ensure the security of your project idea by signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to safeguard your intellectual property and maintain the utmost privacy.

Certainly! We employ dedicated productivity tools that provide real-time progress updates for your ongoing project. This ensures you have full visibility into the development process and stay informed about milestones, keeping our collaboration transparent and efficient.

We have a diverse portfolio, having successfully contributed to various industries, including the development of AI-based SaaS platforms, job listing platforms, health tech solutions, and more.

Feel free to reach out with any additional questions or if you need further clarification. You can drop us an email at, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

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